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Our original TaterWareTM is just that – original! The pioneering concept of a plastic composed of plant starch was the basis for the entire range of TaterWare products available today:  plates, bowls, cutlery, hinged clamshell containers, and more.f-taterware-plates-110112

We created a unique resin that uses potato or other vegetable starch as a key ingredient. Our patented formula also includes calcium carbonate and a polymer, which we combine to produce a product line that is sturdy, soak-proof, and suitable for both chilled and hot food.

This patented bio-based product is free of genetically modified organics (GMO) and provides discerning customers with a sustainable alternative to petro-plastics and polystyrene.


f-taterware-bowl-110112Over 45 different TaterWare products are offered for all your food service needs. Note that our plates and bowls feature an attractive embossed design element to provide extra strength for big and messy meals. Our hinged clamshell containers include a steam vent, with friction locks for safe closures.

f-tatertrays-110212Check out the many types of flat, shallow, and deep TaterTrays for every institutional and retail application needed.

Our cutlery line has several options to choose from, including kits that tuck a napkin in with individual cutlery pieces, all packaged in bio-based wrap.

Natural-colored and attractive, TaterWare is an elegant single-use tableware line.